We buy ceramic capacitors

We buy capacitors multi-layer ceramic, hull and body-free Our company purchases ceramic capacitors, ceramic multilayers, capacitors in the case and without the case, new and used, illiquid, type H-90, H-30 having the index D. You can see the photo of the ceramic capacitors or go to the price list. There are several options for delivering […]

We buy tantalum capacitors

We buy tantalum capacitors of all kinds! Our Company purchases tantalum capacitors wholesale and retail from individuals and legal entities. You can see photos of tantalum capacitors or go to the price list. The cooperation goes with the service “Nova Poshta” only. Payment by any bank, it is possible to pay cash on delivery. You […]

We buy chips

We buy chips of all types! We are ready to buy chips that were in use, illiquid, idle. Only our company, having significant turnover in this business, can offer uniquely high prices for RECs used. You can see the photo of the chips or go to the price listprice list. How to deliver the goods […]

We will buy transistors

We buy transistors in Ukraine from individuals and legal entities We buy transistors of various types, used in the Soviet Union. We are interested in: KT; 2 T; KП; 2 П, in a round, flat, metal casing, as well as power transistors. You can see the photo of transistors or go to the price list. […]

We’ll buy the connectors

We buy connectors of all types We buy connectors made in the Soviet Union, as well as manufactured in other countries before the 90s of the twentieth century. We are interested in acquiring a radio electronic component (connector) of any brand and size. The company will also consider proposals for detachable pins with white, yellow […]

We buy diodes, indicators

We buy diodes, indicators in Ukraine! We buy the indicators АЛС, 3ЛС (348, 362), АЛС, 3ЛС (304, 314, 317, 320), АЛС, 3ЛС (321, 324, 333 and others), LEDs АЛ (108, 307, 336), АЛ (108, 307, 336), diodes, stabilizers КД, 2Д, КС, 2С (504, 179, 213 and others), diode arrays КД, 2Д (906), diodes КА, 2А602,КА, […]

We buy switches, buttons, and toggle switches

We buy switches, buttons, and toggle switch at favorable prices We buy from people (private traders), from firms, enterprises, service centers, warehouses with any form of ownership, having the status of a legal entity, buttons, toggle switches, switches. You can see the photo of switches, toggle switches and buttons or go to the price listprice […]

We buy resistors, potentiometers

We buy resistors and potentiometers in Ukraine! We buy resistors and potentiometers of domestic and foreign production, new and second-hand, of different denominations. For the coordination of all questions of purchase contact our managers. You can see the photo of resistors or go to the price list. Acquired resistors, potentiometers and conditions of cooperation We […]

We buy contactors

We buy contactors in Ukraine at favorable prices! We buy contactors: КНЕ 020, 030, КНЕ 220, КНЕ 230, реле РЭН 29, РЭН 33, РЭН 34, ТКЕ22П1ГБ, ТКЕ26П1ГА, ТКЕ54ПОДГБ, ТКЕ52ПОДГБ, ТКЕ52ПД1, 54ПД1, contactors ТКД201ОДГ, ТКД102ОДГ, relay ТКЕ of different types, 8Э12, РНЕ22, 31, 44, 66, contactors ТКС601ДОД, ТКС103ДОДБ, ТКД233ДОД, ТКД503ДОД, ТКД103ДОДБ, ТКД103ДОД, ТКД133ДОД. You can see […]

We buy a low-current relay

We buy relays of all kinds, expensive! We buy relays that are in use, illiquid from private individuals, as well as from companies, firms, from warehouses with any form of ownership for the highest prices. The cost of the relay depends largely on its type, purpose, country and year of production, etc. So if you […]

We buy batteries

We buy batteries from organizations and individuals! We buy batteries: СЦС-1.5 СЦС-3 СЦД-12М СЦ-25 СЦК-45Б СЦДС-70 Any silver batteries. Rechargeable batteries. You can see the photo of the batteries or go to the price list. The question of selling that has become unnecessary, or those who have worked out their time, is still relevant today. […]

We will buy electric motors

We buy electric motors of all types and types in Ukraine! We buy electric motors ДПМ-20-Н3, ДПМ-25-Н3, ДПМ-30-Н3 (used and new), ДПМ-20, ДПМ-25, ДПМ-30, ДПМ-35 in the version of H1, H2, H6 (only new ones), ДПР-2, 32, 42, 62, 72 in version H and Ф -1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9 (new or in excellent condition), engine-generators ДГМ-0,1 ДГМ-0,25 ДГМ-0.4, […]

We’ll buy sensors

We buy sensors from individuals and legal entities in Ukraine! We buy sensors of the following types at the most optimal prices in Ukraine: ДЖМ-9Б ДЖМ-10Б ВКЖ You can see the photos of the sensors or go to the price list. We invite to cooperation private and legal entities of any form of ownership. We […]

We buy thermocouples, thermoresistors

We offer high prices for thermocouples and thermoresistors! We buy thermoresistors ТСП, ТСПН, ТСПУ, ТТС, ТПЕ, ТПП, ТПР, ТППУ, ТПС – new, second-hand, wholesale and retail in Ukraine! You can see the photos of thermoresistors. What is Thermal Resistance? The device is designed to measure temperature, temperature difference in different environments. The composition of the […]

We will buy silver-plated products

We buy silver-plated products in unlimited quantities! Our company will purchase silver in any quantity (wholesale, small wholesale, individual parts), we work with persons of any form of ownership, with private persons, with enterprises, organizations on the basis of contractual relations. If necessary, we issue all necessary documents for financial reporting to the customer. You […]

We buy electrovacuum devices

We buy electrovacuum lamps, devices in Ukraine! We will buy indicator lamps ГУ-43Б, ГМИ-46Б, ГМИ-83, ГУ-50, klystrons K-60, K-352, dischargers PP-7, PP-5, quartz. You can see the photos of the vacuum devices or go to the price list. Types of redeemable lamps We are ready to consider any proposals for the purchase of electrovacuum devices […]

We will buy the boards

We buy boards of all types and kinds in Ukraine! Our company is interested in such kinds of boards: motherboards, mobile phone boards, memory cards, some of the household appliances, any boards of various radioelectronic devices, devices, and equipment, both one-sided and two-sided. You can see the photos boards or go to the price list. […]

Imported boards

We buy import boards of all kinds and types in Ukraine! You can see the photos of the import boards on our website. Purchase of the boards! Our company is engaged in the recycling of motherboards, printed circuit boards from various equipment, including those extracted from computers, laptops, telephones and other gadgets. We buy boards […]

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