Purchase of catalysts

We buy industrial catalysts, filters from gas masks

Purchase of catalysts in Ukraine, wholesale and retail. Our company buys industrial catalysts that have broken down from individuals and legal entities throughout Ukraine on a permanent basis. We buy new and used devices in any quantity, different types and names.

The company is ready to consider proposals for redemption: catalysts for reforming, isomerization, purification, hydrocracking, selective hydrogenation, aromatization, oxidation and petrochemistry.

You can see the photos of catalysts and filters of gas masks.

Types and brands of catalyst:

1. АПК-2, АПК-2А, АПК-2Н, АПК-3Н, РПК-1, ОПК-2 (РК-102-12), НПК-3, КСМ-5, ПАЛ-2, ШПК-0.1, ШПК-0.25, ШПК-0.5, ШПК-1, ШПК-2, ФПК-1,КДФ-1.

2. АПУ, АПКБ, АПКГС, АПКГУ, ГИПХ-108, АГК-2, АР-Б, РБ-35ЮКА, РБ-33У, РБ-44У, ПР-51, ПР-51М, ПР-71, ПР-80, ПР-81, ШПР-1, АПМ-99, АПГ-А, АП, АП-10, АП-15, АП-56, АП-64.

3. ПК-1, ПК-1П, ИП-62М, ИП-82, СИ-1, СИ-2, П-4, П-5, ПКА-25-1, ПКА-25-2, ПКА-25-2У, ПКА-25-3Э, ПКА-25-3Ш.

4. К-МА, МА-15, КО-9, КО-10, СГ-3П, АНХП, ПУ-А, ГИ-3М, ГИПХ-119-0.5, КР-101, КР-101А, КР-108У, КСЕ, ИКТ-3-20, К-ПГ, ПОУБ-0.8, ПУ, РИАП, ШПАК-0.5.

5. R-56, R-62, R-86, R-98, RG-482, RG-492, RG-582, RG-682, IS-614A, ATIS-2L, AT-20, HS-10, IP-632, I-8 Plus, I-82, I-84, PI-242, Hysopar, LPI-100, NDC-6, PR-9, PR-9М.

We buy filters for gas masks ДП-2, ДП-4.

Purpose of catalysts and function

The catalysts participate in chemical reactions to accelerate the reaction so that all the processes are much more efficient and faster. They are used almost in all spheres of industry, such as oil refining and the chemical industry. They show particular effectiveness in the protection of the environment.

The catalyst is used in such kinds of chemical reaction as

  • Reforming (to produce aromatic hydrocarbons and ultimate gasoline from gasoline petroleum fractions).
  • Isomerization ( is used to obtain isomers from oil – using these devices, oil breaks down into high-octane gasoline and low-octane oil).
  • Cleaning (the most effective in the case where it is necessary to reduce the amount of exhaust gases emitted into the atmosphere).
  • Hydrocracking (is used in the petrochemical industry, when it is necessary to get diesel, jet fuel, high-boiling oil fractions or to extract gasoline or gas oil).
  • To obtain acetylene and acetylene hydrocarbons, a selective hydrogenation product is effective.
  • Aromatization (is used to produce aromatic hydrocarbons).
  • Oxidation (is used in oxidation reactions of deep and partial oxidation).
  • Petrochemistry (have been widely used in the petrochemical industry).
  • Various types of catalysts are used in the filters for gas masks to strain various harmful impurities.

Our company buys catalysts of various types for the most remunerative prices in any quantity and condition (new and used). Transactions are available for legal entities and individuals.

All questions and suggestions can be coordinated through a feedback form or by phone. Our managers will be qualified to provide you with the information that interests you.

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