We’ll buy sensors

We buy sensors from individuals and legal entities in Ukraine!

We buy sensors of the following types at the most optimal prices in Ukraine:

  • ДЖМ-9Б
  • ДЖМ-10Б
  • ВКЖ

You can see the photos of the sensors or go to the price list.

We invite to cooperation private and legal entities of any form of ownership. We value our reputation; therefore we can offer the registration of the documents necessary for the transaction: the contract of sale and purchase, if necessary, all the necessary documentation that can be submitted to the inspection bodies. We buy sensors new and used, non-working, illiquid.

What is a sensor?

Sensor is a measuring device, an aggregate transformer of various values into outgoing signals, which can then be transmitted and used to control various systems.

Application of sensors

They are used:

  • To manage various processes, signals, devices;
  • Measurements of quantities (temperature, pressure, humidity, mechanical forces, movement, speed, level, density, distance, infrared, microwave radiation and much more). For example, in automatic doors sensors are installed to react on movement; in a fire-fighting system, sensors that are capable of reacting to smoke are used; the mining industry also does not dispense with sensors that determine humidity; in airplane aircraft liquid electronic sensors are used, which we are interested in – we will buy them from you in any quantity;
  • Remote configuration, data transmission, signal processing, etc.

If you have in stock sensors that we buy – contact us for cooperation!

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