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What is a contactor?

This REC is a two-position electromagnetic device necessary to remotely switch on or off an electrical circuit having a normal operating mode. The contactor is a kind of electromagnetic relay. Today, contactors are presented in almost all branches of the national economy, where electronic switching devices are present, with a large current load (construction, industry). More common are devices with one and two poles, used in circuits having a direct current, and with three poles in alternating current circuits. The contactor must be highly mechanically and electrically resistant, as there is a need to withstand frequent off and on.

Contactors are of different types, such as:

  • Hydraulic;
  • Pneumatic;
  • Electromagnetic – this type of device is the most versatile, due to its durability and efficiency.

Application of contactors

  • The element is indispensable on electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, electric trains, elevators, trams, trolley buses, that is, where it is necessary to control high-power electric motors;
  • Switching of the compensation circuit, which has reactive power;
  • Commuting DC currents of considerable power.

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