We will buy silver-plated products

We buy silver-plated products in unlimited quantities!

Our company will purchase silver in any quantity (wholesale, small wholesale, individual parts), we work with persons of any form of ownership, with private persons, with enterprises, organizations on the basis of contractual relations. If necessary, we issue all necessary documents for financial reporting to the customer.

You can see the photos or go to the price listprice list.

The list of purchased products

  • braid (medium size, large size, the largest);
  • vein (small, medium, the largest);
  • cable ПК (different);
  • wire MC (different), ITU (different);
  • (ПСр), silver-plated parts (large);
  • the master alloy ГРПМШ (rosette);
  • П2К, ПЛ (lamp panel);
  • 2РМ, ШР, РГ, РШ (set pads);
  • resistors МОУ, ОМЛТ, С2-23 (silver-plated);
  • waveguides (Ericsson, Siemens and others.);
  • ГРПМ, ГРПМШ (plug), ГРПМШ (socket), 6Р100, 6Р150 (plug, socket);
  • РП10 (any), РП 14 (any), РГ, РШ (any), РГ, РШ (dialing any), РППММ1 (Any), РП15 (any), МРН (any), CHO (any), СНП (any), ОНП-ВГ, 2РМ (any), PС (any), РПКМ (any), П2К (any).

We buy various parts for the extraction of precious metals (silver) from them, for further processing, ready to discuss your proposals. The most interested are the acquisition of silver-plated silver, extracted from Soviet-made equipment, as well as the production of countries and CEA members. Open for cooperation and for products of more modern production. At large parties we can discuss individual prices for the goods.

What is silver and where is it used?

Silver is a precious gray-white metal that has high electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent reflectivity. This metal is not susceptible to rust, it is inactive. It has stable chemical properties, which is why it is used with high efficiency in various industries, for the creation and coating of parts and REC in electrical appliances. The main industries where silver is used are radio electronic and electrotechnical.

Silver plates, parts in order that they become more resistant to corrosion and better conduct electric current. In electrical engineering: they often use not just silver-plated details and contacts, but the details completely made of silver. Batteries made of silver and zinc, made of silver and cadmium, consist of electrodes, including those produced with the use of silver.

In the food industry, this metal is used in devices for the production of children’s and dietary food, for purification of water, since silver ions are capable of killing pathogenic bacteria. Widely used in medicine: the manufacture of prostheses, the manufacture of medical devices (in an alloy with other metals, more robust). Naturally, silver is also used in the military, aerospace industry, to create better and more accurate instruments.

Do you have a silver scrap you want to sell profitably? Please, contact our company, and we will offer you the best price in Ukraine, because we operate with significant volumes of purchase of radio electronic components.

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