Dismantling of ATE

Демонтируем АТС

Dismantling of ATE and communication equipment

We offer services of dismantling of automatic telephone exchanges and electronic computers on the territory of Ukraine; provide a full package of documents for the work!
The work is being provided on the whole territory of Ukraine. We guarantee high-quality performance of dismantling works, compliance with deadlines and other contractual obligations.

Such kinds of dismantling are executed:

– АТС Квант-Ц, АПС-Ш, АТ-ПД-ПС, АТ-ПД, АТА-57, АТ-ПС, АТС АМЭ, АТС Квант;
– Quasi-electronic automatic telephone exchanges КЭ Квант, Decade-step ATE, Coordinate CATE 100/2000, Coordinate CATE 50/200, Coordinate improved CATEI, ATEC-90;
– Decade-step ДШ ATE-47, ДШ ATE -49, Decade-Step ДСШ ATE -54, PCM-30,
– Kvant-E, Kvant-СИС, KMK-20T, A-204, KУ-380,
– Quasi-electronic automatic exchange of Metacontа (production of Yugoslavia),
– Coordinate PBX Pentaconta (production of Poland),
– ПСК-1000, Мини-АТС УАТС-49, УАТС-54, УОТС Кристалл 70,

Services for the dismantling of electronic computers of Soviet manufacture:

  • BESM,
  • EU,
  • SM,
  • Etc.

Cooperation with PE Nelkvid is a guarantee of quality, convenience, high professionalism and guaranteed documentary support in case of need.
Our managers and specialists are open for dialogue and discussion of terms of cooperation. We are ready to work under your conditions and in accordance with your requirements. We produce dismantling works qualitatively and on time. Our compaty complies with all the terms of the contract and provides a full range of services for dismantling communication equipment and electronic computers produced in the USSR.

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