Dismantling of ATE

Демонтируем АТС

Dismantling of ATE and communication equipment We offer services of dismantling of automatic telephone exchanges and electronic computers on the territory of Ukraine; provide a full package of documents for the work! The work is being provided on the whole territory of Ukraine. We guarantee high-quality performance of dismantling works, compliance with deadlines and other […]

We buy ATE

Купим АТС

We buy automatic telephone exchange (ATE), QEATE (quasi-electronic exchange) All sorts of crossbar, decade-step, quasi-electronic automatic telephone stations (exchanges) (ATE, QEATE, DSATE) and electronic computers of Soviet manufacture are needed. A 100% prepayment is guaranteed! A complete package of documents is provided! All the work is being made by our own means. Terms of cooperation: […]

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