We buy a low-current relay

We buy relays of all kinds, expensive!

We buy relays that are in use, illiquid from private individuals, as well as from companies, firms, from warehouses with any form of ownership for the highest prices. The cost of the relay depends largely on its type, purpose, country and year of production, etc. So if you would like to offer us this REC, please, contact us at first for consultation.

You can see the photo of the relays or go to the price list.

Purpose and principle of action

A relay is a part used in the radio and electronic industry, which opens/closes the circuits. This necessary element is used in equipment manufactured during the Soviet Union, somewhere from the 50s of the twentieth century. It is an aluminum box in which the contacts are located. These contacts were mainly made from rare-earth and pure precious metals, for the best work of all equipment. Since the beginning of the nineties, microcontrollers have replaced the relay.

The cost of the relay

Prices for different types of relays are published on the website, in the section “Price List”. In order to simplify the evaluation of the goods, provided that you send us the details through the postal service, you need to sort the REC by the type, group, in the package, put the full description of the relay, preferably with photos on which the marking and color are clearly visible.

Are you interested in working with us? Then let’s discuss the most favorable conditions for you to sell us REC. For this, you can call or write us via the feedback form.

List of RECs:

– РЭС7, РЭС8, РЭС9, РЭС10, РЭС14, РЭС15, РЭС22, РЭС32, РЭС34, РЭС37, РЭС48, РЭС78, РП 3,4,5,7;
– РПС 3,4,5,7;
– РПС 11,15,18;
– РПС20, РПС24, РПС32, РПС34, РПС36, ДП12, РКН, РКНМ, РКМ-1, РКМ-1Т, РКМ-П, РЭК43, ТРА, ТРВ, ТРЛ, ТРМ, ТРН, ТРП, ТРТ, РТН, ТРСМ-1,2;
– РВМУ-1, РКП Е-506, СК-594, РВ-5А, РТС-5
and others.

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