We buy ceramic capacitors

We buy capacitors multi-layer ceramic, hull and body-free

Our company purchases ceramic capacitors, ceramic multilayers, capacitors in the case and without the case, new and used, illiquid, type H-90, H-30 having the index D.

You can see the photo of the ceramic capacitors or go to the price list.

There are several options for delivering electronic components to our address:

  • You yourself bring the radio components to our warehouse;
  • Send the parcel to our address, using the postal service “Nova Poshta”;
  • In the presence of a large batch of capacitors, you can order the departure of our specialists to YOU. We will come to you and conclude a contract for the purchase of a batch of goods from you, pay out the money and take out the REC.

Calculation for the radio components is made in cash or by bank transfer (to bank cards, to a settlement account).

Where are used ceramic capacitors?

Simple ceramic capacitor is a flat part, where the dielectric is located between the two plates. The purpose of capacitors is to accumulate and give off electric current. The component is used in electrical circuits of various units, filters, schemes.
Ceramic capacitors are able to give a sufficiently strong energy pulse in a short time, which is why they find wide application in laser, generator sets, and flash units.
We buy red, brown, green capacitors in unlimited quantities.

List of REC: КМ green (weight), КМ orange (weight), КМ гр. Н90 fom 1, to 2.2 mf. (weight), КМ green гр. Н30 (weight), КМ green гр. D, new marking Н30 (weight), К10-17, 23, 43, 47 to 0.1 mf., 50 in a plastic shell (weight), К10-17 in a puppet body (weight), КМ Bulgarian (weight), К10-47 гр. Н30 from 1 to 2.2 mf. (apiece), К10-47 гр. D from 1 to 2.2 mf. (apiece), К10-47 гр. Н30, D from 0.1 to 1 mf. (apiece), the delay line of the MLZ (price depends on the year (per piece)).

Since our company cooperates with persons of any form of ownership, it is possible to work on a contractual basis, with the issuance of all necessary transport documents for the report.

Wait for your offers!


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