We buy resistors, potentiometers

We buy resistors and potentiometers in Ukraine!

We buy resistors and potentiometers of domestic and foreign production, new and second-hand, of different denominations. For the coordination of all questions of purchase contact our managers.

You can see the photo of resistors or go to the price list.

Acquired resistors, potentiometers and conditions of cooperation

We are buying:

  • СП5-1, СП5-2, СП5-2ВА (ВБ), СП5-3, СП5-3ВА (ВБ), СП5-4, СП5-11, СП5-14, СП5-15, СП5-16 0.25W, СП5-16 0.5W, СП5-16 1W, СП5-17, СП5-18, СП5-20, СП5-21, СП5-22, СП5-24, СП5-35А, СП5-35Б, СП5-39А, СП5-39Б, СП5-44;
  • ПП3-40 (41,43), ПП3-44 (45,47), ПП3-40 (41,43), ПП3-44 (45,47);
  • ППМЛ-И-1, ППМЛ-И-2, ППМЛ-И-5, ППМЛ-И-10, ППМЛ-И-20, ППМЛ-И-40, ППМЛ-М-1, ППМЛ-М-2, ППМЛ-М-5, ППМЛ-М-10, ППМЛ-М-20, ППМЛ-М-40;
  • ПЛП1 0.5кОhм, ПЛП1 от 0.5кОhм;
  • ПЛП2 1кОhм, ПЛП2 от 1кОhм;
  • ПТП2 0.2кОhм, ПТП2 from 0.2кОhм;
  • ПТП5 0.5кОhм, ПТП5 from 0.5кОhм.

As guarantees of the transaction and the convenience of the seller, our specialists are ready to provide all the necessary documentation with the execution of contractual obligations. Forms and methods of payment are also discussed; the issue of cash on delivery is acceptable. We are ready to consider any proposals for the most comfortable and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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