We will buy generators

We will buy generators new and used in Ukraine! Buy signal generators in any state and quantity. We work with enterprises and institutions. Noise signal generators Г2-37, Г2-57, Г2-59, Г2-60, Я5Х-267, Я5Х-268, Я5Х-269, Я5Х-270, Я5Х-271, Я5Х-272. Low-frequency signal generators Г3-107, Г3-108, Г3-109, Г3-110, Г3-111, Г3-112, Г3-112/1, Г3-113, Г3-117, Г3-118, Г3-119, Г3-120, Г3-121, Г3-122, Г3-123, РГ3-124, […]

We buy frequency meters

We buy frequency meters from organizations and enterprises in Ukraine! We buy frequency meters, receivers of reference signals of frequency and time Ч7-37, Ч7-38, Ч7-39. Frequency Synthesizers Ч6-31, РЧ6-01, РЧ6-02, РЧ6-03, РЧ6-04, РЧ6-05, РЧ6-31, Ч6-31, Ч6-31А, РЧ6-71, Ч6-72, Ч6-73, Ч6-74, Ч6-75. Counting-type frequency meters Ч3-66, Ч3-41, ЧК3-43, Ч3-44, Ч3-45, Ч3-46, Ч3-47, Ч3-50, Ч3-51, Ч3-54,Ч3-57, Ч3-58, […]

We Buy Oscilloscopes

We buy oscilloscopes in Ukraine! New and non-liquid items of all denominations in any quantities! We buy Oscilloscopes С1-65, С1-65А, С1-81, С1-82, C1-83, С1-85, С1-91, С1-91/1, С1-91/2, С1-91/3, С1-91/4, С1-91/5, С1-91/6, С1-91/7, С1-92, С1-93, C1-94, С1-96, С1-97, С1-97А, С1-98, С1-99, C1-101, С1-102, С1-103, С1-104, C1-107, С1-108, С1-112, C1-112А, С1-114, C1-114/1, С1-115, С1-116, С1-117, С1-118, C1-118А, […]

We buy voltmeters

We buy voltmeters of all kinds We will buy voltmeters В2-27, В2-38, В2-39, alternating current voltmeters В3-38, В3-38А, В3-38Б, В3-38В, В3-49, В3-48, В3-48А, В3-50, В3-52,В3-52/1, В3-55, В3-55А, В3-56, В3-57, В3-59, ВК3-61А, В3-62, В3-63, В3-65, ВК3-65. Voltmeters of impulse current В4-20, В4-24 oltmeters selective В6-9, В6-10, В6-14, В6-15. Voltmeters universal В7-21, В7-21А, В7-22, РВ7-22А, В7-23, В7-24, […]

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