We buy radio parts and REC

We buy radio components and electronic components!

We buy radio parts and REC. Company PE Nelikvid buys radio components, measuring instruments and communication equipment from individuals and legal entities throughout Ukraine.

Attention to customers and visitors!
Starting from 18/04/2023 – Updated prices for electronic components!
Send packages to the address: +38 (098) 627-99-90, Macera Pavel Vladimirovich, “Nova Poshta” Branch №22, Gorodotskaya Str., building 174!
Parcels on delivery, send to Macera Pavel Vladimirovich
We accept parcels received by 8.00 at the “Nova Poshta” office (we receive parcels that arrive after 8 am the next day!). Reception is held from Monday to Saturday. Calculation on the day of receiving the parcel!

Details here!

Laptop boards

We buy new, broken, used:

  • Voltmeters;
  • Noise signal generators;
  • Pulse generators;
  • High-frequency and low-frequency signal generators;
  • Oscilloscopes;
  • Converters;
  • Frequency meters;
  • Counters, sensors of various types and purposes;
  • Switches, contactors, capacitors, toggle switches;
  • Microchips, boards;
  • Resistors, relays;
  • Batteries.

A full list is available in our Price List!

How to pack? Then to send? Ways of sending and calculating?

The answer is here!

We buy communication equipment, spare parts and replacement kits to it:

Automatic telephone exchanges of various types: automatic, quasi-electronic, mini-ATS, etc. (ATSC, PBX, ATSKE Quant).
We prepare the full package of documents upon the customer’s request. Our company dismantles the equipment by the forces of PE Nelikvid. We dismantle any kind of automatic telephone exchanges throughout Ukraine.
We accept parcels from all over Ukraine only by delivery service “Nova poshta”.

Guarantee of our reliability are: 100% prepayment, dismantling at our expense, full documentary support.

We are always open to business constructive communication.
All questions and suggestions can be sent to us through the contact form, or contact online chat, and also by phone. Our managers will conduct a qualified consultation, providing all the information you are interested in.

Wait for your offers!

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