We’ll buy the connectors

We buy connectors of all types

We buy connectors made in the Soviet Union, as well as manufactured in other countries before the 90s of the twentieth century. We are interested in acquiring a radio electronic component (connector) of any brand and size. The company will also consider proposals for detachable pins with white, yellow contacts, lamellae.

You can see the photos of the connectors or go to the price list.

You can offer us the following connectors

Manufactured in the Soviet Union

Sockets of various types:

  • СНП 34 30; 46; 69; 90; 113;135.
  • ОНП – НС (lamellae outlet).
  • РПН 4.
  • СНП – 49. СНП – 59;58.
  • ОНП – НГ (outlet for the cable).
  • РПМ 7. РПС 1.
  • ОНП – КГ.
  • Small sockets ГРППМ 6; 8; 10.
  • Lurge outlets ГРПМ; ГРПП.

Instrument terminals:

  • РРМ.

Other connectors:

  • РППМ 16 – 72.
  • РППМ 17 – 48 – 3 (internal).
  • РППМ 16 – 288.
  • РППГ 2 – 48 – Зл (yellow, full).
  • РППГ2-48 (white).
  • СНП 17 – 52 full.
  • Connectors hinged Ukrainian production.
  • СНП 14; 24; 72; 112.
  • СНО 60; 68 complete from the automatic telephone exchange “Quantum”.
  • РС 4;7;10;19;32;50 – type АТВ; БАТВ.

Forks of various types:

СНП 49; 59, СНП34;30; 46;69; 90;113;135 (elbow), РПМ7, ГРППМ7-90, РПС1.

Instrument terminals: РРМ. РМД; 2РМ; РМДТ; РМТ. РПКМ. МР1.

  • For DIP lock.
  • РС (on the long leg).
  • РС.
  • РС1 (carbolic).
  • УК (in planar schemes).
  • УКУ – with 8 – 12 legs (metal).

Ligatures: from 2РМ/ДТ.

Connectors made in other countries

  • In Poland – “ELTRA” for lamellas.
  • In Czechoslovakia – “TAN” (rosette, fork with 26 legs).
  • In Germany (GDR) – “DEVIN”, “DS” (including the elbow).
  • In France, which were used in ATE; DS of the elbow.”TESLA” – socket, plug, lamella, which has 26 legs, connectors white and bass.

What is a connector?

In various specialized technical manuals electrical connectors are called connectors, which help to make connections consisting of a certain number of conductors by an electromechanical method. The simplest well-known connector is a plug and socket. The number of such connections differs in each scheme – from two to an unlimited number. Connector consists of the case and the contacts. Details are usually made of ceramics, plastics, rubber or metal and being isolated with a help of glass, porcelain, plastic, rubber, ceramics. Contacts for this type of radio electronic components are aluminum, composite, copper, i.e. Made of materials with a significant electrical conductivity and low price. Our company conducts honest and open transactions, cooperates with individuals and legal entities.

If you want to clarify any details of the deal, find out the approximate cost of a lot of connectors – contact us!

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