We buy electrovacuum devices

We buy electrovacuum lamps, devices in Ukraine!

We will buy indicator lamps ГУ-43Б, ГМИ-46Б, ГМИ-83, ГУ-50, klystrons K-60, K-352, dischargers PP-7, PP-5, quartz.

You can see the photos of the vacuum devices or go to the price list.

Types of redeemable lamps

We are ready to consider any proposals for the purchase of electrovacuum devices and indicator lamps in any quantity and condition. We are interested in lamps, klystrons and dischargers of both domestic and imported production, new and already used. We buy lamps of any kind and type. We are ready to discuss the contract for any number of electrovacuum devices. Our company is open to a productive dialogue with all counterparties, discussing the most convenient terms of delivery and payment for redeemed equipment, including on-line payment.

The main types of electrovacuum equipment that we are ready to acquire:

  • ГУ-34Б-1, ГУ-43А, ГУ-70Б, ГУ-71Б, ГУ-72, ГУ-73Б (П), ГУ-74Б, ГУ-78Б, ГУ-84Б;
  • ГМИ-2Б, ГМИ-4Б, ГМИ-5, ГМИ-6, ГМИ-7 (7-1), ГМИ-10, ГМИ-11, ГМИ-14Б, ГМИ-19Б, ГМИ-21-1, ГМИ-24Б, ГМИ-26Б, ГМИ-27А (Б);
  • ГМИ-32Б (Б1), ГМИ-42Б, ГМИ-83 (Б), ГМИ-89, ГМИ-90;
  • ГС-23Б, ГС-36Б;
  • And other.
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