We buy switches, buttons, and toggle switches

We buy switches, buttons, and toggle switch at favorable prices

We buy from people (private traders), from firms, enterprises, service centers, warehouses with any form of ownership, having the status of a legal entity, buttons, toggle switches, switches.

You can see the photo of switches, toggle switches and buttons or go to the price listprice list.

Ways of delivery of REC

Self-delivery to our address – you bring them to our warehouse.
Sending with the help of the postal service “Nova Poshta”. To make our decision to purchase your goods as soon as possible, it is better to sort the details, in the parcel, at the same time, put the full list with the marking, the year of manufacture, the country of manufacture. Photo is desirable.
Transport by our company (this service can be ordered only with large quantities of goods). Also, in this case, if the REC is in the equipment, we will offer you the assistance of our specialists in the dismantling.

List of REC:

Switches ПР, ПГ, П2Г, П2Кн, ПП6, П1Т3, П1М10, ПКН, ВДМ, ТВ, ПТ, МПН, ПГ2, ПГ5, ПГ7, ПР1, ПР2, ПП6, ПП8, ПП9, ПП11, МП12, П1М9-1, П1М10-1, П1М11-1, П1М12-1, ПМ2-1, ПкП2-1, ПКН4-1, П2КнТА, ПК1С, ПК1Э, ПК2С, П1Т3-1,П1Т4-1, ПТ9-1, Пт11-1, Пт13-1, Пт23-1, Пт25-1, Пт27-1, Пт8 etc.

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