Additional income

Как можно заработать

How can you make money these days? Not so long ago I came across the ads “we will buy radio component”. I was interested in it. Well, I am aware that the old equipment, computers, all kinds of radio equipment, and even household devices were produced earlier using RECs, which were gilded/silvered for better performance. […]

Boards in mobile phones

Платы телефонов

Phone boards Smartphone, mobile phone is a high-tech device that contains many useful parts, including board containing some precious metals. Chromium and lithium are also present in the chip and battery. The motherboard of a mobile phone This board is the biggest by its size comparing with other components and motherboard cards, responsible for the […]

Mobile phone repair in Lviv at the SMA service center

Ремонт телефонов

Cheap repair of mobile phones Welcome! The CMA service center’s specialists will gladly make mobile phones’ repairs of any kind for you in the city of Lviv! Our technicians will give you a full range of services associated with repair work of mobile phones of any brand. We provide you 100% guarantee for the whole […]

Printed circuit board

Плата печатная

Printed circuit boards. Application Board (correct name is a printed circuit board) is a radio electronic component, which today is used almost everywhere, because there is no device which can work without it. There is a number of different boards in any tablet, computer, mobile phone or TV. Even your washing machine, refrigerator, boiler, and […]

Valuable metals in the REC

Драгметаллы в рэк

The use of precious metals Metals (precious metals), which are called precious, are not exactly because of their high cost; although it does matter, but because of their valuable features that distinguish them from all other metals known to us through the Mendeleyev table. These features include: high chemical resistance, significant resistance to certain chemical […]

Platinum and palladium in radio components

Драгметаллы в радиодеталях

Platinum and palladium in radio components Almost in any radio electronic equipment and device that was produced in the Soviet Union, there were details containing precious metals. Such a need was dictated by the fact that it was necessary to ensure the longest period of operation of the device and its correct, accurate operation. Today […]

Lamps. Types and purpose

Лампа ГУ 74Б

Kinds of lamps, EVD (electric vacuum device) Many people think that the electric vacuum devices are already outdated, because they are uncopmatible with EVD.Our time is marked by a wide development of uniquely small radioelectronic devices. The dictionary includes a special term”nanotechnology”. It must be said that such an opinion is completely wrong. Of course […]

Unique NASA chip

Компьютерный чип

Microcircuit, created for the Venusian “hell” Many scientists, researchers, astronauts and dreamers are trying to conquer Mars, it would seem, nothing surprising, but after all Venus is much closer to the Earth. Maybe we have to start studying it first? But the problem is that Venus has the highest temperature comparing with the other planets […]

Technical Contacts

Контакт на меди

Valuable methals in the contacts Contacts, or contactors is a two-position, electromagnetic device. The meaning of the word in English is “contactee, contact“. This device is designed to turn on / off the circuit running in normal operation. The contact is also a kind of relay, working on electromagnets. Nowadays, all the couplers with a […]

Gold in the radio components


Gold in radio components and REC Since ancient times, for almost all nations and nationalities, gold was considered as the most precious thing. This yellow metal was considered a monetary equivalent in the calculations that were conducted by individual merchants, noblemen and even entire countries. Beautiful ornaments, household utensils, and utensils were created from it. […]


Старый компьютер

Old PCs are a fascinating hobby Retrocomputing can be considered as one of the unusual and original hobbies in the modern world. In fact, retrocomputing is the work and collecting of outdated computer hardware and software to it. The reasons of retrocomputing hobby for enthusiasts may be nostalgic notes, or the desire to preserve the […]

Radio components from disassembled equipment and apparatus


Old radio components Any radio electronic component costs money, because of this many specialists prefer to use various details that remain after disassembling old, idle equipment during repair, for reduction of its price. Naturally, such “extraction” of radio components is economically advantageous, but it is necessary to take into account that the equipment from which […]

Motion sensors

Датчик движения

Motion sensors- small helpers, great savings In order to significantly reduce the consumed electrical energy, you can resort to installation of LED motion sensors, (or, as they are also called, “passive infrared sensors”) in rooms, apartments, offices or streets. To date, due to the environmental situation, and also with the purpose of saving resources for […]

Modern Indicator lamps


“Warm time” for the EVD All what is out-of-date gradually disappears. The old radio components are not in demand any more. They are being already replaced by the products of Chinese industry. The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: “Everything moves and it costs nothing, and what exists is likened to the course of the river, […]

Filters for gas masks

Фильтр противогаза

Filters for gas masks, types, composition Masks for a long time remain an ideal means of protection, which prevent the ingress of various poisonous substances through the respiratory tract. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to clearly understand that harmful substances that can cause serious harm to humans differ from each other in their influence, and […]

Creation of glower

Лампа нааливания

Incandescent lamps The tungsten glower is not the only, and not the last, development of a physicist from America named William Coolidge. An inexpensive X-ray tube based on a tungsten cathode also belongs to his inventions. Everyone knows how difficult it is to suffer a toothache, it’s unpleasant, and it would seem, how you can […]

Authenticity of silver


Self-determination of the authenticity of silver As they say, life has become better; life has become more fun – even if you are an honest person, not the fact that you will not be deceived. We do not know how to avoid this, but how not to buy fake silver – that’s about what we […]