We will buy electric motors

We buy electric motors of all types and types in Ukraine!

We buy electric motors ДПМ-20-Н3, ДПМ-25-Н3, ДПМ-30-Н3 (used and new), ДПМ-20, ДПМ-25, ДПМ-30, ДПМ-35 in the version of H1, H2, H6 (only new ones), ДПР-2, 32, 42, 62, 72 in version H and Ф -1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9 (new or in excellent condition), engine-generators ДГМ-0,1 ДГМ-0,25 ДГМ-0.4, any designs (only new ones), sinus-cosine transformers ДБСКТ-220, СКТ-220, СКТ-225, СКТ-232, etc. on executions (only new ones), ДМ engines (only new ones). ДПМ is the engine with a classical configuration: a steel rotor in which grooves windings are laid. Heavy, low moment.
ДПР is an engine with a hollow rotor (rotor is a compound filled with a flat winding).

You can see the photo of the engines or go to the price list.

What is an electric motor?

The engine ДПМ, ДПР is a machine that is able to convert electricity into mechanical energy, using rotational movements of the shaft. The engines are structurally complicated. They include: a rotor, a stator, an anchor winding, a brush assembly. The motors can also act as generators. They can have both a small size and a significant one.

Application of engines

The devices have excellent and useful properties, due to which they are widely used in almost all areas of the national economy:

  • Transport sphere: large and powerful engines are installed as electric drives for electric locomotives, motor ships, locomotives and other types of equipment.
  • A lot of cars are equipped with electric motors with direct current.
  • Industrial production: in all kinds of drives, where it is necessary to regulate speeds (machine tools for metal processing, hydraulic systems and pneumatics).

More specifically about what kinds of engines we are interested in, you can look in our price list, or by calling our managers. You can deliver the device yourself to our company’s warehouse, send it by parcel or container, and, with significant volumes of products, we’ll drive to you and drive out the engines. Payment is made either on the spot or by transfer to a bank account. Due to the significant volumes of trade, only we can offer the best price.

We are waiting for your calls with offers.

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