We buy tantalum capacitors

We buy tantalum capacitors of all kinds!

Our Company purchases tantalum capacitors wholesale and retail from individuals and legal entities.

You can see photos of tantalum capacitors or go to the price list.

The cooperation goes with the service “Nova Poshta” only. Payment by any bank, it is possible to pay cash on delivery. You can contact our managers in any convenient way

We redeem tantalum capacitors of any size and type

  • К52-2, 5 large, К52-2 small;
  • ЭТО-1 small, ЭТО-2 large, ЭТО-4, ЭТО tesla small;
  • К52-7А;
  • К52-2 large, К52-1 large, К52-1 medium, К52-1 small, К52-1 tesla, К52-1М (БМ), К52-2, 5С large, К52-9, 11;
  • К53-1, 7, 18 large, К53-1, 7, 18 medium, К53-1, 7, 18 small, К53-4 (4А), К53-19, К53-21.

Accepted: TESLA (small housing), К52-7А, К52-5, ЭТО-3, ЭТО-4 (depends on the capacity and voltage), К52-1, К52-9, К52-11, К53-18 (the largest size), К53-1,1а,7,18 (large size), К53-1, 1а, 7, 18 (small overall size), К53-1,1а (the smallest overall size), К53-19.

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