We buy ATE

Купим АТС

We buy automatic telephone exchange (ATE), QEATE (quasi-electronic exchange)

All sorts of crossbar, decade-step, quasi-electronic automatic telephone stations (exchanges) (ATE, QEATE, DSATE) and electronic computers of Soviet manufacture are needed.

A 100% prepayment is guaranteed! A complete package of documents is provided! All the work is being made by our own means.

Terms of cooperation:
• prepayment;
• various types of mutual settlements (cash and non-cash payments);
• cooperation with all delivery companies for distributing of communication equipment;
• dismantling due to the forces and means of PE Nelikvid;
• documentary support on the request of the customer;
• quick and simple contracts’ execution and fulfillment of contractual obligations;
• efficient technical support;
• literal technical staff and managers;
• the best prices.

We buy ATE of all kinds in Ukraine!

We buy equipment of domestic and imported production:
– ATE Kvant-C, АПС-Ш, АТ-ПД-ПС, АТ-ПД, АТА-57, АТ-ПС, АТС АМЭ, ATE Kvant, QEATE (quasi-electronic) Kvant;
– АТСДШ, CATE 100/2000 (coordinate), CATE 50/200 (coordinate), CATEI (coordinate improved);
– ATEC-90;
– Decade-step ATE-47, DSh ATE-49, Decade-step ATE-54;
– PCM-30, Kvant-E, Kvant-SIS, KMK-20T, A-204, KU-380;
– Metaconta, Pentaconta;
– ПСК -1000, PABE-49, PABE-54, УОТС Кристалл 70, ОP-ATЕ, ETK-СS, ARF-50.

We also carry out the purchase of electronic computers produced by the USSR, such as
HSEC (high-speed electronic computer),etc.

We work with both legal entities and individuals. Partnership with PE Nelikvid is mutually beneficial, convenient, reliable & operative.

We are waiting for cooperation proposals!

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