We buy frequency meters

We buy frequency meters from organizations and enterprises in Ukraine!

We buy frequency meters, receivers of reference signals of frequency and time Ч7-37, Ч7-38, Ч7-39.
Frequency Synthesizers Ч6-31, РЧ6-01, РЧ6-02, РЧ6-03, РЧ6-04, РЧ6-05, РЧ6-31, Ч6-31, Ч6-31А, РЧ6-71, Ч6-72, Ч6-73, Ч6-74, Ч6-75.

Counting-type frequency meters

Ч3-66, Ч3-41, ЧК3-43, Ч3-44, Ч3-45, Ч3-46, Ч3-47, Ч3-50, Ч3-51, Ч3-54,Ч3-57, Ч3-58, Ч3-61, Ч3-62, Ч3-63, Ч3-64, Ч3-64/1, Ч3-65, Ч3-66, Ч3-67, Ч3-68, Ч3-69, Ч3-71, Ч3-76,
Я3Ч-51, Я3Ч-72, Я3Ч-87, Я3Ч-88, Я3Ч-168, Я3Ч-175, Я3-180.

The price of the equipment to be purchased is negotiable and depends on the condition, year of production, availability, availability of spare parts, documentation and factory
Packaging. We guarantee timely payment in any form convenient for you.

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