Filters for gas masks

Фильтр противогаза

Filters for gas masks, types, composition

Masks for a long time remain an ideal means of protection, which prevent the ingress of various poisonous substances through the respiratory tract. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to clearly understand that harmful substances that can cause serious harm to humans differ from each other in their influence, and so the gas mask filters must be different when working in various aggressive environments. It would seem that gas masks do not differ from each other in their appearance. But the main difference is in the filling of gas filter, as it is the basis of protection.
The filters of gas masks are not universal, they differ from each other according to the types and classes, which are able to protect our body from various poisonous substance. There is a clearly defined, universal, classification of types and kinds of gas filters. It has a corresponding literal meaning and a certain color marking. It is possible that the basic information that we want to bring to your attention, will help you survive a possible chemical contamination.

Class of protective filters

These data are written immediately after the lettering of the filter types.

  • The First class: low-efficient filters that can protect against dust having a large fraction (dust storms, production suspensions);
  • The Second class: filters of average efficiency – perfectly withstand dust, smoke, smog, fog. The downside is that this class of filters for gas masks cannot effectively protect against combustion products, which are particularly toxic;
  • The Third class: the most effective filters, capable of filtering suspensions, which are finely dispersed, will protect the body from fog, fine dust, bacteria and viruses.

Types of gas filters

Types of filters, which protect from poisonous substances and harmful effects. It is important to know what type of gas mask can protect you from damaging influence of different substances. It is worth knowing that the box in which filter is located can contain several classes and types of filters. All these data must be written on the body with a special marking.

The filter brand P has a white marking color, adsorbs aerosol mixtures, and copes with viruses and bacteria;

Mark A (brown marking). Does not allow to penetrate into the respiratory tract organic gases, vapors, which have a high temperature, poisonous substances of chemical weapons, mass destruction, emergency harmful emissions of various enterprises;

The filter brand B has a gray marking color. It prevents ingress of inorganic gases into the body (except for CO carbon). It is widely used in such industrial areas as the chemical, metallurgy industries, in the case of man-made disasters;

Mark E, yellow marking color. Protects from acid fumes and gases;

Filters brand NO, blue marking color. Protect from getting into the body of nitrogen oxides, which at a large volume pose a threat to life;

Filters brand HG have a red marking, are able to prevent ingress of compounds and mercury vapor, which are fatal to humans even in small quantities;

A mark of AX filters of brown marking color, helps preventing from getting into the respiratory tract organic vapors having a low boiling point, evaporation that occur during chemical and pharmaceutical production;

The filter brand SX has a violet color marking. This type of filter is able to protect the body from poisonous substances, which are used in the use of chemical weapons for mass destruction. Protects from phosgene, soman, sarin and alike;

The filter type “Reaktor” has an orange color, is the strongest and most effective protection in accidents at nuclear power plants, in nuclear explosions, it is capable of absorbing radioactive particles;

A brand of CO filters, a violet color marking, prevents carbon monoxide from entering the body.

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