Platinum and palladium in radio components

Драгметаллы в радиодеталях

Platinum and palladium in radio components

Almost in any radio electronic equipment and device that was produced in the Soviet Union, there were details containing precious metals. Such a need was dictated by the fact that it was necessary to ensure the longest period of operation of the device and its correct, accurate operation. Today we have already found replacement of gold and silver for cheaper elements of Mendeleyev’s table in many RECs, but platinum and palladium are still used in many spheres of industrial production, because of their unique chemical indices.

Application of platinum

Platinum, the chemical element of Mendeleyev’s periodic table, is a native silvery, white metal, similar to silver. It differs from silver by refractoriness, resistance to acids and to corrosion. Indispensable when it comes to the production of such RECs, as capacitors, resistors, switches, connectors, is used in virtually all types of equipment and devices. Scientists say that platinum is like salt in cooking. It is impossible to develop electrical engineering, radio engineering, precision instrumentation, as well as instruments and equipment for the aerospace sphere without platinum. It is used in all modern technologies. Platinum is used both in the form of an alloy, and as pure metal.

Palladium and its use

Palladium is a chemical element, a precious metal, also of a silvery white color. Has the designation in the table – Pd. It was isolated from platinum ore by the English chemist Wollaston (1803). Palladium is widely used for the manufacture of capacitors, some types of relays, contacts, in microcircuits. Metal was also used in Soviet times for the production of electronic components, and it is still used today. Most actively it is used in radio electronic-, chemical-, military-, aerospace spheres. Scientists are conducting experiments to expand the areas of use of this precious metal.

Chips and capacitors contain palladium-platinum alloy to improve the stability of the functioning of parts in any environment, including a significant increase of temperature.

Application of palladium

Automobile production. there is an urgent need to move to palladium in this industry, since it has a lower cost than platinum, which is currently used in catalysts.

Petrochemical industry. It is used as a catalyst (in chemical), Cracking oil (oil and gas).
Electrical engineering, radio electronics (for covering capacitors).

Medicine. Palladium is an exchange metal, the price of it on the London Metal Exchange is constantly growing, thanks to the expanding scope of palladium.

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