Soviet radio components

Советские радиодетали

Electronic components – radio components

Everyone has heard about such a concept as “electronic components” – the components of electronic circuits. Among the people these components are known as “radio components”. Where did this name come from, and what is in common between radio and electronic circuits? In order to find out about the difference, you’ll have to look into the historical background (beginning of the 20th century). Then the most well-known and most complex technical equipment was radio. And electronic parts used in the manufacture and assembly of radio receivers were called radio components. This name was firmly entrenched, entered into everyday speech and began to be applied to electronic devices, even when they had nothing in common with radio receivers.

Today, radio electronic components (REC) are the components of all electric and radio devices, without which we cannot imagine modern life: computers, laptops, mobile phones, TV sets, microwave ovens, etc.

Here is a small list of old technique with radio components which includes a high content of precious metals.

The content of precious metals

TV sets (USSR):

– transistors KT814, KT940, KT310, KT502, KT503, KT203;
– Light-emitting diodes AЛ307;
– Capacitors K10-17.

Calculators (USSR):

– capacitors KM;
– Microcircuits 140 УД.

Tape recorders (USSR):

– transistors KT814, KT503, KT203, KT3102;
– Capacitors KM; Relay PЭC-9.

Radiograms (USSR):

– capacitors K52-2, KM.

Computers (USSR):

– capacitors KM, K10-17, processors, connectors, diodes.

Dial telephones (USSR):

– capacitors KM, K10-17.

Many other small Soviet-made household appliances contain a large number of silver contacts, gold-plated diodes and transistors.

The most valuable radio components produced before 1989. Imported technology in this case is not of significant interest, modern radio components also do not represent such value.

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