We buy Potentiometers in Ukraine! What it is?

A potentiometer is a resistor that has three outputs: a variable that is manually adjusted. To the two ends of the element of the resistor two terminals are connected, while the engine, being the third terminal, is connected to the sliding contact. To fabricate these resistors use materials such as cermet, electrically conductive plastic, carbon, metal film.

The division of these products

Mainly divided into:

1. The nature of the changes in resistance
– Linear view of the potentiometer, which designate “A” – changes the resistance, which is proportional to the rotation of the sliding contact.
– Logarithmic (“B”) – changes the resistance, first at the speed, then slowing down.
– Exponential (“C”) – changes resistance from fast to slow.
2. Type of housing
– Assembly (for soldering on the board).
– Revolving stationary.
– Slider-linear.

We buy different types, types of products, issued at different times and different manufacturers, different denominations, new, used, assembled, scrapped, wholesale, small wholesale, piece. Of course, we give preference to the radio components produced in the USSR, since then RECs were produced with an increased amount of precious metal. The cost is determined according to the exchange rate of precious metals (London).


We buy the following product brands:

— ПП3-40 (41,43), ПП3-44 (45,47), ПП3-40 (41,43), ПП3-44 (45,47);
— ППМЛ-И-1, ППМЛ-И-2, ППМЛ-И-5, ППМЛ-И-10, ППМЛ-И-20, ППМЛ-И-40, ППМЛ-М-1, ППМЛ-М-2, ППМЛ-М-5, ППМЛ-М-10, ППМЛ-М-20, ППМЛ-М-40;
— ПЛП1 0.5кОhм, ПЛП1 from 0.5кОhм;
— ПЛП2 1кОhм, ПЛП2 from 1кОhм;
— ПТП1 0.2кОhм, ПТП1 from 0.2кОhм;
— ПТП2 0.2кОhм, ПТП2 from 0.2кОhм;
— ПТП5 0.5кОhм, ПТП5 from 0.5кОhм.

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