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We buy boards of all types and kinds in Ukraine!

Our company is interested in such kinds of boards: motherboards, mobile phone boards, memory cards, some of the household appliances, any boards of various radioelectronic devices, devices, and equipment, both one-sided and two-sided.

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We purchase printed circuit boards in unlimited quantities. We are interested in wholesale, small wholesale and even ready to buy individual units. Only we can offer you the highest price in Ukraine.

The circuit board, what is it?

Yes, it is necessary to clarify what is more correct to call this REC – a printed circuit board. Almost all devices of radio electronics and radio engineering, equipment, mobile phones, televisions and computers, tablets and clocks, household and kitchen appliances, of course, military equipment and electronics contain a certain number of boards. It would seem that the printed circuit board is a modern detail, invented only recently, but this is not true. The boards were invented about a hundred years ago.

The prototype of the PP is the element that the engineer Albert Hanson created. Albert proposed to create (to put a picture) on copper foil with the help of stamping or cutting. At the second stage, the “picture” was glued to the dielectric, which at that time was made of paraffin paper. Over time, technology has changed, improved. Serial boards were produced using Bakelite, cardboard, mezzanite, wood (1920).

Types of printed circuit boards

The structural boards consist of an insulating base, on which electrical connections are located, applied to the base by soldering.

The printed circuit board can be one-sided and two-sided. On a one-way board, the conductors are soldered only from one side, to the two-sided, respectively from two sides. In the 70s of the 20th century, the production of multi-layer boards began. It consisted of many layers. It is multi-layered, miniaturized board that makes possible to create small devices in radio electronics; which, in their turn help to develop and improve equipment for the military complex, aerospace industry, and the computer industry.

The modern printed circuit board has a base of ceramic, fiberglass, and getinaks, and there are also plates made of metal covered with a dielectric. On the base of all boards on the tracks are made of foil. Today there is PP from aluminum.

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