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How can you make money these days?

Not so long ago I came across the ads “we will buy radio component”. I was interested in it. Well, I am aware that the old equipment, computers, all kinds of radio equipment, and even household devices were produced earlier using RECs, which were gilded/silvered for better performance. And also some details contained platinum, palladium, tantalum. I decided to read, and found out that this is a good business, well, for me, at least. The RECs made in Soviet Union are still in demand. After all, it’s still possible to bring these details to profit; they were produced with a considerable amount of precious metals.

So, I’ll start with the fact that some equipment, devices of that time, and even some modern equipment contain details, in the manufacture of which precious metals were used. Old TVs, radio-recorders/radiograms, refrigerators and other contain RECs with a large content of platinum, palladium, gold, silver.

What sort of the old equipment can be useful for us?

While analyzing old household appliances and equipment, pay special attention to radio elements that contain a significant amount of precious metals:

Resistor, capacitor (in this REC, produced in the USSR, contains the pure gold. But not all capacitors are of value.) The most popular are KM (green, red), LED, semiconductor diode, various chokes, and semiconductor elements. Chips (some Soviet chips had completely gold leads, also gold contained connecting threads, contacts), a transistor (the most valuable is the KT-900, its body is covered with gold, the findings are gold-plated), printed circuit board, lamellas having gold contacts.

More valuable are the electronic components that were produced before the beginning of the 90s. More modern components contain almost half the amount of precious metals. Imported equipment and radio engineering is of no interest.

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