Boards in mobile phones

Платы телефонов

Phone boards

Smartphone, mobile phone is a high-tech device that contains many useful parts, including board containing some precious metals. Chromium and lithium are also present in the chip and battery.

The motherboard of a mobile phone

This board is the biggest by its size comparing with other components and motherboard cards, responsible for the correct operation of the phone. The motherboard can be called the heart of the phone, on which depends almost everything. It is connected to all other parts of the device that perform important functions:

  • CPU;
  • Keyboard;
  • Antenna;
  • Display, etc.

We can say that the phone card is a kind of intermediary between the user and the mobile operator. The forms and dimensions of the phone’s board are in direct proportion to the characteristics and parameters of the device.

This type of REC of mobile phone is a fragile, “tender” component, not tolerant of mechanical impact on it. When the smartphone/phone hits, the main board suffers first. Its damage leads to the failure of the entire gadget. Provided that the mechanical impact of the board is not affected (no deformation, cracks, internal layers are not damaged), then the board can be repaired (sometimes). But more often it takes a replacement of the main board and some other details that depend on it.

The motherboard is very thin and sensitive not only to impacts, but also to high humidity, temperature changes. All this must be taken into account when repairing it. If you decide to fix your smartphone/mobile phone, it is worth remembering that repair of such a component sometimes costs only slightly less than a new mobile device. This work is complicated, almost a jeweler. The best professional cannot cope with it. Therefore, before you give it to repair, think about whether it is worth playing a candle.

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