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Silver, types, samples, application

We will not be original if we say that absolutely everyone knows what silver is, and therefore there is no point in retelling the data that everyone remembers from the school chemistry course, and if you do not remember, open the periodic table. We decided to give you more interesting information about silver – about its types, samples and about the use (according to the subject of our site) of silver in electrical engineering.

Types of silver

It is important to know that silver is only one color, than this precious metal and differs from other precious metals, for example, gold. There are several types of silver:

  • Sterling;
  • Nielloed;
  • Oxidized;
  • Filigree;
  • Matt;
  • Monetary.

Sterling silver has 925 samples, most often it is used for the production of jewelry, decor items (figurines, candlesticks), tableware, dishes. Products from sterling silver are dazzlingly white, with a pleasant shine, reliable and durable. This type of silver was called so thanks to a one-pound (1 sterling) silver coin.

Silver nielloed is obtained by engraving pure silver, and then covering it with niello, which is an alloy of silver sulphide, lead, copper. After the black is melted, the lines of black remain on the silver. Blackened silver products do not need cleaning. From this type of metal jewelry, cult objects, amulets, decorations are made, black handles of cutlery, decorative elements of utensils are blackened.

Silver oxidized is a fairly new technology (a mix of silver and sulfur), which replaces the blackening, while you can achieve the effect of aging silver products, so when buying silver nielloed or you are offered “antique silver” things, be careful, it is possible that You are trying to sell oxidized silver goods. Of course, this is also silver, but its price should be much lower. Of this metal usually produce a small jeweler, used for the restoration of antiques.

Matte silver is a product covered with enamel. Applied, mainly, for the manufacture of jewelry, objects of worship. Looks like this is just great and original. Matte silver differs in durability.

Silver filigree is obtained by rolling metal into the finest threads, thanks to the plastic properties of silver, then, from these yarns, beautiful original products are created, the work is mostly manual.

Monetary silver – as is clear from the name, use it for making anniversary, collection coins.

Samples of metal and its alloys

Usually, pure silver is not used in the manufacture of jewelry, because of the softness of the metal; it is most often fused with other chemical elements that give silver additional strength properties. The most commonly used silver-copper alloy, alloys with aluminum, nickel, cadmium, zinc.

The international metric system divides silver into the following samples

  • 800; 830 – used in the manufacture of cutlery, body parts, writing instruments, some decorative items;
  • 875 – Cutlery, serving items;
  • 916 – To date, this sample is rarely used, earlier from such silver items of everyday life, cutlery, decorations, jewelry were created;
  • 925 – the most popular sample of silver metal, from which today almost all things are made – jewelry, cutlery, decorative items;
  • 960 – Production of filigree, various author’s, art works;
  • 999 – Pure silver, which is used for silvering dishes, jewelry, in the food and medical industries.

In order to know what kind of test this or that product is, it is usually branded.

Look at some of the hallmarks that were used in past years, and which are now used:

Samples of silver

The use of silver in the electrical industry

Metal, which is used in the manufacture of parts and components for the electrical industry is called technical, it is most often pure silver of 999 tests, sometimes alloys of silver and other substances are used. Electrotechnical silver should have excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and light reflection. It is made of silver wire, solders, quality electrical contacts, silver conductive contacts and other critical parts.

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