Authenticity of silver


Self-determination of the authenticity of silver

As they say, life has become better; life has become more fun – even if you are an honest person, not the fact that you will not be deceived. We do not know how to avoid this, but how not to buy fake silver – that’s about what we will tell you.

Methods for checking silver items

Of course, if you inherited a chest with silver or you found a treasure, then, of course, it is worth attributing to a jeweler who will tell you exactly what was in your hands. But, if you want to check one or a couple of things, without leaving home, shop, market, then you can use several simple methods.

A sample of silver, a stamp

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the sample or stigma attached to the product: regardless of where you decided to purchase the item, on the silver ornaments, utensils, cutlery, the test should be mandatory, as well as the stamp, although in many countries it is not obligatory to stamp silver items. If it is said that it is silver, then so it is. So, on this basis it is difficult to determine the authenticity. Yes, and you can forge everything.

Thermal effect

As you know, silver has excellent heat conductivity, and this method of verification is based on this. Squeeze a silver thing in your palm or let it into hot water – after a couple of minutes the product will get the temperature of either your body or hot water.

A piece of chalk

Rub the product with chalk, did the chalk turn dark? Congratulations – a real thing, silver.

The test for a magnet

As you know, pure silver is not a magnetic metal, bring the magnet to the product, if it is attracted to the magnet, then there are too many other impurities in this product – this indicates that either the thing is low-grade, or not at all silver.

There are other, more effective methods – this is the acquisition of a special, modern instrument, but this is beneficial only if you often checks on the uniqueness of silver.

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