Boards of household appliances

Платы бытовых приборов

Boards in household appliances

Today’s household appliances consist mainly of boards. In each house today there are modern household appliances for various purposes, these very devices are “smart”, practical and very comfortable. The current housewives do not even imagine their lives without them, because the need to stay at the cooker for half a day, store food in old, “growling” refrigerators, or think about washing clothes seems to be a punishment. A certain unit will do everything for you, the “mind” of which is laid in the boards.

Household appliances and electronics

The maximum automation of any process, produced by household appliances of the latest generation, is “managed” by the processor and boards (original blocks, basic control elements that help to work correctly for any household equipment). The board is a kind of conductor which switches modes, giving a start to the program, switching, delaying, disabling the specified process with the built-in timers.

Boards in household appliance. Where to find

  • Microwave;
  • Double boiler;
  • Aero grill;
  • Apparatus for the manufacture of yoghurt and ice cream;
  • Crockpot; Electric oven;
  • Food processor;
  • Coffee maker;
  • Meat grinder with several modes;
  • Refrigerators, Freezers;
  • Dishwasher;
  • Washing machine;
  • Boilers (water heaters);
  • Systems of independent heating;
  • Air-conditioning (climate control);
  • TV;
  • Music Center;
  • Kitchen hoods and other similar equipment.

All appliances for everyday life, in which the workplaces are operated by boards, always works properly, serves us for a long time. Although the producers guarantee a certain period for which the operation is designed (about three to five years), in fact, with the correct Use of technology, it can work much longer. But, all the same, any technique, even seemingly very reliable, can break, sometimes for reasons beyond our control.

Breakage of household appliances, the possibility of replacing the board

Usually, when we buy equipment for the house, we do not think that it can fail, hoping for its long work. We begin to worry only when the device “refuse to work” and breaks down. Very often the cause of the breakdown is the motherboard.

Reasons for the failure of the board

Producers guarantee us a long period of correct operation of the device due to modern boards that control the process. But sometimes, there is a need to replace the board, when the guaranteed term has not yet ended. But under the warranty, you can replace the component only if you have met all operating conditions; seals on the equipment have not been opened. If you tried to replace the “tired” board yourself, then you most likely will be refused in a guaranteed repair, in which case you will have to contact the appropriate workshop.

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