Boards in the devices

Платы измерительных приборов

Boards in measuring devices

All current measuring devices consist of boards, microcircuits. In any production, whether it is a large enterprise, a factory, a small service center, a private repair workshop, almost everywhere there is various equipment and measuring devices necessary for the competent organization of the work process.
Not so long ago, fifty or twenty years ago, any equipment, both industrial and used in everyday life, was cumbersome. Machines and various measuring instruments were functionally imperfect, with limited capabilities, often with manual control, with low precision. Modern, high-tech life requires completely different instruments. They must be high-precision, multifunctional, with high performance and a high threshold of sensitivity, especially for various measuring instruments. To produce high-precision instruments, machines, household appliances, we need also the same high-quality equipment, measuring instruments, whose work is based on complete automation and control of production processes, with particular importance given to the creation of such devices by microchips and boards.

Application of measuring instruments

Measuring instruments, consisting of boards, are used in any branch of industrial production and agriculture, while modern equipment successfully supplants the outdated. The measuring equipment is necessary in:

  • In the foundry (steel, copper);
  • In the jewelry production;
  • In geodetic work, in the extraction of fossils;
  • In metal working (various presses, equipment for metal rolling); in mechanical engineering;
  • Locksmith work;
  • In the woodworking industry;
  • In the light, food industry, in the production of goods for the people;
  • Medicine, diagnostics;
  • Production of precision engineering, aircraft construction, rocket engineering;
  • The military industry, etc.

Practically everywhere the measuring equipment is needed. And this list can be prolonged for a long time, because devices based on exact processors and boards can be found everywhere, and not only in production, but even in your kitchen.

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