Condensers in the industry

Конденсаторы в промышленности

Application of capacitors in industry

The capacitor is a passive radio- electronic component. Physical characteristics: a two-pole component with a certain or variable capacitance value, low conductivity, is capable of accumulating charge and energy of the electric field, can easily charge or discharge. The name “condenser” is of Latin origin, and can be translated as “sealant”, “thickener” (not in the sense of the food industry, of course). The most constructively simple variant of capacitors are two electrodes in the form of plates, which are separated with a dielectric component of very small thickness in comparison with the plates. Condensers consist of many dielectric layers and multilayer electrodes and can be in the form of tape, cylinder, and parallelepiped.

The well-known “Leyden bank” is a prototype of modern capacitors. This name was given to the “device” by the name of the city, where the first device, similar to a capacitor, was created, by Ewald Jurgen von Kleist. The “Leyden bank” was a device, which consisted of an ordinary can, wrapped in foil and covered with a wooden lid, with stuck metal rods. But it was another one device created a little bit earlier by Epinus. He invented his own capacitor with two conductors separated by a dielectric.

Industrial use of capacitors in radio engineering, electronics and other areas is quite extensive. Any electrical, electronic circuit contains this important radio-electronic component. The capacitor can be called the basis of the electronic industry.

The use of capacitors in various areas of industrial production.

The modern electronic and radio engineering industry, like in the past years of the last century, badly needs capacitors. Their application is wide and varied. Here is a small fraction of spheres where devices containing capacitors are used:

  1. Television and radio hardware and equipment. Here, this radio-electronic component is used to realize the oscillatory circuits, block them, and also to adjust the equipment for its correct operation. They are also used to separate different frequency circuits. Rectifier filters also work with capacitors.
  2. Radar. Without the capacitors, it is practically impossible to generate pulses of considerable power.
  3. Telegraph, telephone, telephony, including mobile telephony. In this case, condensers are needed to separate the circuits, through which a constant/alternating current flows, different frequency currents, with the symmetry of various cables, to extinguish the spark in the contacts.
  4. Telemechanics, automation . The implementation of some sensors, which are working on the capacitive principle. Condensers share circuits through which pulsating/constant currents are flowing, also to extinguish the spark. Thiatron pulse generators contain capacitors.
  5. Electronic computers of a modern design, other computing devices, special storage devices.
  6. Electronic, measuring equipment and hardware. Here, capacitors are used to obtain capacitance samples, create variable capacitances, and produce measuring equipment that has a capacitive basis.
  7. Of particular importance is the use of capacitors in laser devices. In this case, this REC helps to form powerful impulses.
  8. Condensers are extremely necessary in the electricity sector. They are used when it is necessary to:
    – Increase the power factor in industrial installations.
    – Create a longitudinal compensation capacitance of high voltage electrical transmission lines.
    – Adjust the voltage in the distribution network.
    – Protect the network from overvoltage.
    – Extinguish possible radio interference that can be created by electrical equipment and electric vehicle.
  9. The coal industry, the extraction of ores and metals. IN this case, the capacitors are used in equipment and transport that help to extract these minerals. Electric blasting devices also have such “magic” condensers in their composition.

In fact, you can draw a simple conclusion: almost any device, equipment, transport, appliances work with a help of capacitors. Capacitors are used in all spheres.

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