Dismantling of the automatic telephone station

Демонтаж АТС

Conditions and features of dismantling

At all times, communication was the main way of the development of society. And no wander that the first thing that was captured during the conquest of cities was mail and telegraph. Communication was not only a sign of evolution; it was always its main factor, because without communication development is impossible. It is clear that in our time it is always necessary to remain “on the line”, we cannot imagine ourselves without the Internet, mobile phone, which means that almost everywhere we use automatic telephone exchanges that connect us with the world. Today, many enterprises still have private exchanges, which provide corporate negotiations through fixed telephones. And the great amount of this equipment was released in Soviet times.

Time passes, technologies are improved, and the ATE, which has served for many years, is already out of date. It cannot withstand the load on it. So, the station needs to be changed to a more modern one. Or switch to other equipment. What to do with the old automatic telephone exchanges, because they are on the balance sheet, they increase the taxation, and simply take up space. The ideal way out is to write off equipment, and then use it correctly. But before that, it is necessary to dismantle the ATE. The procedure will help to remove the equipment officially from the balance sheet, and also environmentally properly dispose of, recycle.
So if you decided to get rid of the old PBX, computers, and other machines produced in the Soviet Union, but do not know how to conduct demolition work, You can apply to the company “Nelikvid”. Only we offer free of charge dismantling of automatic telephone exchanges and other equipment.

Dismantling is free of charge

Why do we do the dismantling works for free? Any equipment that we are interested in has in its “filling” some considerable amount of precious metals, which we buy from you, offering dismantling, as an additional service. It is our company that can comply with all the rules of dismantling, and for free. It may seem that recycling is not a profitable business, but after all, the recycling of raw materials contained in automatic telephone exchanges and computers will benefit not only the customer, but also our industry, which needs precious metals, which can be removed from the devices.

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