Imported boards

We buy import boards of all kinds and types in Ukraine!

You can see the photos of the import boards on our website. Purchase of the boards!

Our company is engaged in the recycling of motherboards, printed circuit boards from various equipment, including those extracted from computers, laptops, telephones and other gadgets. We buy boards in any quantities from individuals of any form of ownership according to the Price List. We work with citizens, enterprises, warehouses, repair organizations. Purchase and processing of imported production boards containing precious metals is the main direction of our activity. The presence of the most modern equipment for extraction of necessary metals, large volumes of purchased RECs, allow us to offer customers the highest prices in Ukraine for new and used boards. The final cost of scrap of this type is determined after inspection of raw materials, as well as after discussing the transaction and concluding a sales contract. We prepare all financial documents for the transaction, which is especially important for legal entities. You can bring your own fees to us or send them via “Nova Poshta”, with an enclosure in the parcel of the full description of the REC.

The board is an electronic component consisting of one or more dielectric layers on which the circuit of the current-carrying circuit is formed. This element is required to connect individual electronic elements/nodes to one device.

Only we have the most favorable and comfortable conditions for cooperation – with significant lots of different fees, you can leave our employees at your address and pick up the goods. If necessary, we will do a free dismantling of the equipment, with the extraction of RECs. We make an assessment.

The goods we are ready to buy

Boards of imported production that contain precious metals:

  • Different video cards
  • Motherboards of foreign manufacture, having a yellow lamella
  • Hard disk boards
  • Payments from mobile phones
  • Boards from various laptops, netbooks, and tablets
  • Processor boards

When evaluating the scrap of import boards, we pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Printed circuit boards on the chip must have a gold coating;
  • We estimate the phone fee without the case and the display;
  • The boards in the processor units are evaluated without cooling elements;
  • The operative module should not have metallic adhesion;
  • Hard disks, disk boards should not have plastic elements.

If you want to clarify whether your product is suitable for sale to our company, about the price of precious metal that we extract from your cards, about the terms of cooperation – contact our professional managers by phone or on-line chat, write using the feedback form and we will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

We are waiting for your calls, packages and offers!

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