Silver-plated details

Посеребренные детали

Silver-plated details and products

The radio components and boards are exposed to silver plating, and they become more resistant to corrosive processes and can conduct electricity better. Also, in the electrical industry, silver-plated or fully silver contacts are used. Silver-zinc, silver-cadmium batteries have electrodes produced with the use of this metal.

Widespread use of silver was also received in the medical field for the manufacture of prostheses, along with other, more robust metals, for the manufacture of medical devices.

Silver-plated details

What is silver and how to extract it

Since the beginning of the 20th century, silver has been actively used in many areas, especially in the military and electrotechnical. Silvered details became the basis of modern computers. Silver can also be in some devices in its pure form.

Desolation of this noble metal can be made only in an acid having strong oxidizing properties, for example, in nitric or sulfuric. There are two main methods for extracting the silver component from the instruments. Silver-plated products are processed by heating to 80 degrees with a solution of nitric and hydrochloric acids, and then silver is restored using zinc dust. The second method: the oxidation of silver with hydrochloric acid. Silver-plated component in some details can be extracted by simply separating silver contacts with the help of wire cutters.

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