Technical silver

Техническое серебро

The use of silver in industry

The most significant role of silver is its use in various industries for the production of radio electronic components contained in instruments and equipment. Such silver is called technical. What is the difference between technical and “usual” silver, familiar to us in jewelry? Many people think that technical silver is low-grade silver, with a large content of various impurities. But this thought is mistaken: for technical purposes, in the manufacture of complex devices, almost always the silver of the highest standard is used (999), (without impurities). Such a metal is not used in jewelry because it is too soft. For the production of RECs is also used not only pure silver, but also alloys of technical silver with other metals.

The use of technical silver and its alloys

Due to the physio-chemical properties, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, ideal reflectivity, chemical inactivity, excellent resistance to corrosion processes, pure technical silver cover parts to make them more resistant to corrosion. This metal produces contacts having a low transition resistance, electrical conductors, some products for the chemical industry; it is added to light-sensitive materials.

Silver is included in:

  • Wire, plates, contacts, microcircuits, relays;
  • Cases, skeletons;
  • Switches, connectors;
  • X-ray photographs, photographic films;
  • Accumulators;
  • Aviation wires, etc.

Industries where silver is used

  • Electrotechnical and radioelectronic. Conductive contacts, wires with silver veins, coating of REC, battery production, solder coating, heat dissipation, silvering of waveguides.
  • Aviation and rocket engineering, military industry, radar technology.
  • The medical industry. Mainly in the form of alloys for the manufacture of prostheses, medical instruments, equipment.
  • Food industry. Equipment for the production of baby food, juices, water treatment, etc.

In general, technical silver is used in almost all spheres of industrial production, which means that metal is in demand. But the bowels of the earth are becoming scarce, that is why an important resource that allows replenishing silver reserves for industry is the processing of details containing technical silver.

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