The benefit from old radio components


How did I find the treasure in the radio components

It turns out that the radio components and instruments, such as voltmeters, ammeters, are stuffed with precious metals. Everyone has in the garage a couple of old TVs, receivers on the legs, disk phones of Soviet times. And all these old things are supposed to be a “storehouse” of not only gold and silver, but also of platinum, palladium and many other useful metals.

Now I’ll tell you in detail where you can scrape these valuable materials. Here is a list with the marking of components in which there are precious metals, and they are present in almost any component that was produced in the Soviet Union.

Which radio components are of the biggest value?


I’ll start, perhaps, with printed circuit boards, in which the chips are almost gold, there are similar RECs rarely, but in old receivers, TVs, some equipment they are present. Especially a lot of such boards, chips in military. But, for example, the 514- ИД -2 or K-514- ИД -2 decoder is as cute as if dressed in a pink blouse – it has gold-plated findings. In the ID-1 gold decoder there is a slightly larger amount, but there will also be older items. And there are still quite golden (real) chips, which are labeled K-564, 564- ИП -3, 564-ИM-1. Gold can also be distinguished from microchips 564-ЛС-2, 564-ЛЕ-5, 564-ЛП-2, 564-ТМ-2 – these components have legs and “tummy” of gold.


In transistors there is also a bit of yellow metal pleasant for our soul. Here, for example, a KT-602-Б – he has a golden “tummy”, if you find such a detail, drag them into the bins, come in handy. And also gold-bearing are 2T-608-B, 2T-603-A, 2T-312- Б. Some transistors “hide” Gold inside, here is KT-808 – you want to extract from it a precious metal – cut off the bonnet. And for KT-814, KT-817 “treasure” is hidden inside the case, at the base.


KM type condensers, with a figure of 5, they are green, or red-haired with a figure of 6. Of course, not all these details are made of pure gold; many of them are just gilded, with micron sputtering.

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