Electric motors ДПM

Двигатели ДПМ

Electric motors of type ДПM

Electric motors ДПM are machines that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy by means of rotational movements of the shaft. They consist of a rotor, an anchor winding, a stator, a brush assembly. Another ability of this motor is to convert mechanical energy into an electric current, i.e. Performs the function of a generator. Electric motors ДПМ can be of various sizes.

The stator is a stationary part of the electric motor, which consists of a number of coils. The more coils are inserted the better interaction of the stator and the rotor will be. The electric motor ДПM can be waterproof; such engine is used in difficult conditions, under heavy loads. They are produced with electromagnetic brakes attached to the device, but can also be without them.

Constructional design

Electric motors of small size have the following features in the design:

  • The presence of one end of the output shaft.
  • The presence of two ends of the output shaft.
  • The presence of one end of the output shaft, with built-in centrifugal contact stabilizers of rotational speed.

Each of the electric motors has different rotational speed, voltage, different load. Often, the electric motor is used in automation systems, in service devices. The engine with a high heat capacity can provide long-time resistance to large overloads.

Electric motor, application and features

Electric motors ДПМ are widely used in many spheres of industry and human activity.

The main areas are:

  1. Transport industry uses the engines of high power. They are installed on electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, motor ships and other kinds of heavy equipment.
    Many cars are equipped with DC motors, like starters, with two pairs of poles (4 brushes). In this case, the motor runs in a short time.
  2. Industry. There the dmm engines are successfully used for any kind of drives requiring significant speed control. For example, they are installed on metalworking machines, on various hydraulic and pneumatic systems in order to manage their nodes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the engines

The main positive properties of electric motors include ease of use, the ability to smoothly change the speed, excellent starting properties; it is possible to use an electric motor as a generator.

There are not so many shortcomings; they include some maintenance problems related to wear and tear, as well as a fairly high price for the ПДМ electric motor.

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