Gold in the radio components


Gold in radio components and REC

Since ancient times, for almost all nations and nationalities, gold was considered as the most precious thing. This yellow metal was considered a monetary equivalent in the calculations that were conducted by individual merchants, noblemen and even entire countries. Beautiful ornaments, household utensils, and utensils were created from it. Gold was used in the Soviet Union, especially in large industrial scale. The technique at that time was not yet very perfect, and in order to achieve the necessary performance in the instruments, many parts were covered with a significant layer of gold. Some radio electronic components, especially those that were used in military equipment, were made of gold.

The use of gold in Soviet radio components

Transistors produced in the Soviet Union before the 85-90s of the 20th century are the most gold-bearing. In the transistors KT-3107 a considerable proportion of the metal is located under the plastic housing, while the other RECs of the KT 814/815/816/817 type have a platform containing a transistor crystal, which is almost all made of gold. Transistors KT 602 and parts having a series of MП are completely gold-plated. Virtually all these radio electronic components were used to create military equipment, but sometimes something “fell” for the production of household radio equipment, especially the one that was most often exported. Also, LEDs (AL series), zener diodes, varicaps contain a large amount of precious metal. Contacts of the relay in the Soviet Union were made entirely of gold, less often silver.

Gold-containing modern RECs

To date, gold has significantly passed its position in the manufacture of various parts, giving way to more modern materials, which significantly reduced the cost of radio electronic equipment and components. But still, it cannot be completely replaced in some devices and details. For example, it is used in any digital device, phone, mobile phone, computer, and laptop. Without these gadgets, we no longer imagine our life. The desire to “keep up with the time”, makes us update the gadgets, and try to sell the old ones. Our advice is to dismantle your laptop or computer. You will receive a larger amount if you remove from the devices those parts that contain gold metal. It is a processor, some kinds of connectors, a hard disk, and contacts of a video card. It should be specially noted that “not everything is gold that glitters.

It is much easier with mobile phones; they have almost all the electronic components that are gold-plated: contacts of the sim card, buttons, boards, plugs, microphones, speaker, terminals on the charger connectors, headphones, and various USB cables.

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