Старый компьютер

Old PCs are a fascinating hobby

Retrocomputing can be considered as one of the unusual and original hobbies in the modern world. In fact, retrocomputing is the work and collecting of outdated computer hardware and software to it. The reasons of retrocomputing hobby for enthusiasts may be nostalgic notes, or the desire to preserve the history of the development of computers and programs for descendants.

Types of retrocomputing.

In practice, it is customary to distinguish two main directions of retrocomputing. They include the direct work with the Hardware, i.e. collecting obsolete models of equipment and spare parts for it (boards, diodes, resistors and so on). The other direction is the commitment to obsolete software.


For many gamers, obsolete toys, supported by old systems, are particularly attractive: it is the attractive atmosphere of games, some nostalgic memories and the opportunity to plunge into an era so pleasant to the mind and heart of a person.

As a rule,the most popular are emulation of slot machines, or games released for game consoles. Those who are keen on retrogaming try to either reproduce obsolete games on the restored equipment, or try to adapt modern technologies to maintain the format of these games.
One of the important differences in retrogaming is the recreation of music and sounds of old games. The matter is that the out-of-date equipment was considerably limited by devices of reproduction of sounds; therefore creation of music for games was connected not only with composing of a melody, but also with programming.

Another direction of retro-gaming is the implementation and implementation of translations for games and other software. This direction is called “romhacking”. Thus, Russification of documentation, programs and gaming applications for old equipment is carried out.

A hobby for retrogaming helps to preserve the history of the development of computing technologies and transfer this knowledge to future generations. So an unusual hobby helps to study and recreate the atmosphere of those years.

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