Radio components from disassembled equipment and apparatus


Old radio components

Any radio electronic component costs money, because of this many specialists prefer to use various details that remain after disassembling old, idle equipment during repair, for reduction of its price. Naturally, such “extraction” of radio components is economically advantageous, but it is necessary to take into account that the equipment from which the REC was withdrawn was faulty. Which means that any part dropped out of the boards may be faulty as well. That means that the equipment repaired with the help of used RECs can “refuse” to work. Although, it is possible to damage the serviceable part making an incorrect dismantling.

In order to avoid problems in the repair of radio equipment used parts taken from disassembly, it is necessary at least to verify their performance.

Inspection of used radio components

The best way to make an inspection is to start it at the stage of dismantling, for example, there is no sense in getting a piece which is burned or damaged, parts with visible signs of soldering, or with the smell of burning.

Many modern capacitors have incisions on the bottom, bursting because of the breakdown of the details, it is perfectly visible on the board, and this capacitor should not be evaporated, because it is already damaged. Also, transformers and coils having a fused frame, darkened isolation are not evaporated. Such details can be tried to offer to companies buying up used RECs.

The parts in the glass case must be free from cracks, since moisture and air can enter through them. That means that the vacuum component is broken. Such elements are unsuitable for reuse.

Check of used REC

After dismantling, the seized parts must be checked.

Resistor should be checked with a help of a conventional multimeter or any wide-range ohmmeter. After inspecting the resistor, measure the resistance of the part. It may not completely correspond to the marking applied to it, but it should not be much different from the acceptable standard.

Variables trimmer. Often violated in this part contacts between the movable contacts and the surface as a consequence of oxidation deterioration. When checking the element, make sure that the reading on the device changes smoothly, without sudden changes.

Capacitors should be checked with a multimeter. The capacity of reading is to be within certain limits, which are deposited on the element by special markings.

Diodes, LEDs and transistors can also be checked with a multimeter.

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