RAM boards

Платы оперативок

Memory boards, types, purpose

RAM cards in any computing device perform an important role, being the main element of the machine that processes information. The high speed of the PC depends largely on the amount of RAM, which is extremely important for working with large data sets. And, of course, gamers appreciate the high speed of RAM.

Purpose of main memory boards

RAM cards, in fact, are a temporary storage of information, where it is processed, and then stored on a permanent basis. The main feature of this type of equipment is a high speed of operating, which allows to optimize the processes of the PC. but it is worth remembering that the information in the RAM is stored only as long as the power is supplied to them. That is why, when working with any large file, it is recommended to save it periodically to avoid data loss, or to use uninterruptible power supplies

Types of motherboard

In the history of office equipment, only three types of RAM cards were developed and released:

  • That was DDR – the most “senior” representative. Such a memory model was actively used in 2003-2006, but even today these slats can be found in computers. The speed of this device is limited to a frequency of 400 MHz.
  • DDR2 – a more modern type of memory board, which has speed of 533-1064 MHz. The peak of active use of this type of RAM was in 2006-2011.
  • DDR3 – the most current type of RAM cards today. This type of board is replaced by DDR4, but they have not received wide distribution jet. The speed of DDR3 is 1333-3000 MHz, which at the moment allows you to perform the bulk of the functions assigned to the PC.

Operative memory of laptops

Mobile devices for processing information and entertainment make their own demands for RAM cards. The dimensions of the device are much smaller than those for stationary PCs, as are the nests for them in the motherboard of the laptop. Naturally, to accelerate the work of the laptop should only purchase the boards intended for this.

Manufacturers and sets of memory cards

As of today, several manufacturers with a worldwide reputation are ingaged in the release of memory cards. And the most famous company among them is “Kingston”. The company’s boards are manufactured on professional, high-tech equipment. The percentage of factory waste is minimal. This is the secret of the success of the main memory cards from this manufacturer.

When choosing memory cards, you should pay attention to the sets of cards from the same manufacturer, they are called KIT. The fact is that such sets are tested in the kit and that is why they have the same frequency and timing, which makes it possible to operate such devices in perfect combination. The laths in the set can be 2, or 4.

Approach the choice of memory cards with intelligence and mindfulness, and your computer will work quickly and smoothly for a long time.

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