Variety of boards

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Types of boards

Speaking about any boards, in the head of any consumer immediately appears an association with modern electronic devices from the usual TVs to high-precision computing equipment, because the principle of the operating is based on all kinds of boards. Even a person, who is wide of technology, has heard about such a widespread form of board as a “motherboard”.


The correct name for this board is a system board. It performs the most important role in the computer’s system unit. It performs the switching and coordination functions of the machine, other PC devices are attached to it by means of ports, connectors, loops, etc.

Netcard (Network Board)

It is almost impossible to imagine any modern gadget without the possibility of entering the global network. The network board provides access to the Internet. The speed of the Internet depends on the netcard type.

Video display board

Any electronic device “speaks” its own language. The same applies to images. A special card that is responsible for the transformation of a digital stream into a familiar image is called a video board. Modern computer games require the corresponding parameters of the video board; otherwise the weak video card will simply not “stretch” a complex game, although it will easily cope with viewing movies, pictures and photos.

Sound card

A small device called a sound card, or an audio card, provides a qualitative transmission of the soundtrack of a movie, a game or music. Nowadays, a “dumb” gadget in our time is nonsense. We have got used to the fact that the sound accompanies us always and everywhere (in smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). If the sound card fails, it will be noticeable immediately.


The speed of processing of information and issuing it to the consumer, respectively, of any electronic device depends on the power of the memory cards. No matter how fast the machine works, many people invariably have a desire to “disperse” their gadget. This simple upgrade can be done by replacing memory cards with more powerful ones.

Memory cards are present in almost all modern electronic gadgets: PCs, laptops, cameras, tablets and even TVs. It is the RAM that acts as a kind of temporary buffer in which information is stored and processed.

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